Marijuana causing heavy laughter using a secret tequnique passed from generation of grower to apprentice.
He finally knows the secret of chuckles marijuana.

-Fahlamaha is currently the master of this technique
aka, the plant guy, spike, kk, landsape, mt,that strong guy.
by Theplantguy: September 15, 2009
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1.nickname for the worlds saddest clown
2.the state of being after a horrible situation in which you can no longer laugh
1.(Toy Story 3) -->Sunnyside is a horrible place of darkness and despair run by a bear that smells of strawberries, just ask Chuckles.

2.Today he failed his physics test...

How do you know?
He looks like Chuckles.
by julysummer2010 dodos June 22, 2010
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an effective way to take down an enemy is to punch them directly in the chuckles.
by nickers May 19, 2005
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The act of inserting one, or both, testicles in your mouth, and giggling like a school girl.
I can't believe Juicebox chuckled Joshes nuts. She's a dirty girl.
by MR2SLOW November 19, 2010
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a fat man usely stuffed into a small car (neon, civic, fox body mustang). sleeps in his car for days at a time usely in the same clothes . smells very bad. lives of menthol ciggrettes and crappy gas station food. he gets off on c-blocking most of his freinds and always thinks he is the best . voted most likely to die alone in school , never had a girl freind and only has a think for black women
your a f***ing chuckles you know that?
by sexyjesusNJ August 17, 2009
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