A vagina shaped chin, where both hemispheres create a caverness void resembling a snatch, camel toe, hog knuckle, moose knuckle, and/or front butt.
Damn, between his chuckle and deep voice, I wasn't sure whether to put it in my mouth or let it gyrate.
by Realisly March 24, 2012
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To ejaculate in one's pants.


The substance present within one's pants after a chuckle.
John: I had a quiet chuckle while going up the lift last night
Steve: Nice. What did you do with all the chuckle left in your pants?
John: I rinsed it off in the laundry sink.
by 1337h4x0r667 March 29, 2009
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Although a small and subtle word, the single utterance of this word will unleash great terror upon the world. For it is the creature that forms when Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee fight each other and form Chuck Lee. Fear him as the dark laugh of death descends upon you.
by Hubrism August 17, 2011
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Geek 1:Hey man, wanna go chuckle with me after school on Friday?!
Geek 2:Yeahhh! I need to get me an oliphant saddle!
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Another word for Converse, more specifically Chuck Taylors... or, if you are really hip, Chucky T's.

Oh.. and, apparently... its also a word for balls. So... thats weird.
"Frickin... I lost one of my chuckles up that dude's ass..."
"Man, those Chuckles are totally coma"
"I began my life as a squiggly wiggly tadpole in my da's chuckles."
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This word has no inherent meaning but can be used in place of any word (sort of like fuck or smurf: smurf-berries, have a smurfy day, etc).
Chuckle is usually taken to mean the most perverse, obscene, or disgusting thing imaginable in the given context.
Chuckle me tenderly.

I chuckled up a storm in the bathroom.

I want to chuckle that waitress.

Oops, I chuckled myself.

Chuckle my wompus!

Are you the Chuckler?

Dude, it was chuckle central at that party.
by abezice January 02, 2010
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