The predecessor to "What's this...?"
OwO what's this?
by OnePunchKeem December 19, 2016
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The mating calls of horny lolis or weebs.
"OwO what's this?"
by Colress's Waifu July 3, 2018
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Usually an expression used by...furries..when they find something arousingly intresting.
OwO whats this?
by A dumb Draco March 2, 2018
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a face furries use, Or a way to make a face you can use for your art example the O’s are like eyes and the w is to make it cute like -w-, Looks like a cat.
Jenny: OwO what’s this?
by avaq January 10, 2019
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OwO is secret in furry language for "that guy will be killed"
Furry 1: OwO
Furry 2: that blonde guy or the red-hed?
Furry 1: That vewwy cwute pwink wady over thewe UwU
by ShrekLover68 November 10, 2019
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