The predecessor to "What's this...?"
OwO what's this?
by OnePunchKeem December 19, 2016
The mating calls of horny lolis or weebs.
"OwO what's this?"
by Colress's Waifu July 4, 2018
Usually an expression used by...furries..when they find something arousingly intresting.
OwO whats this?
by A dumb Draco March 3, 2018
a face furries use, Or a way to make a face you can use for your art example the O’s are like eyes and the w is to make it cute like -w-, Looks like a cat.
Jenny: OwO what’s this?
by avaq January 10, 2019
An emoticon to use to show interest in something

Also used to be ironic and annoy the living fuck out of your friends
Mostly used as a term of sexual interest though
Person 1: You wanna have sex?
Person 2: OwO I mean, What are you implying?
Person 1: Dude, Are you dumb? I just asked to you wanna fuck or not?
by ThtGenderfluidFryingPan December 14, 2021