The predecessor to "What's this...?"
OwO what's this?
by OnePunchKeem December 19, 2016
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The mating calls of horny lolis or weebs.
"OwO what's this?"
by Colress's Waifu July 4, 2018
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a face furries use, Or a way to make a face you can use for your art example the O’s are like eyes and the w is to make it cute like -w-, Looks like a cat.
Jenny: OwO what’s this?
by avaq January 10, 2019
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Usually an expression used by...furries..when they find something arousingly intresting.
OwO whats this?
by A dumb Draco March 3, 2018
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OwO Is a term a lot of furries use. Young furries are more likely to say this more often but grey muzzles can also say this. Other people use the term the mess around or say it for no reason just to be cringey as freaking heck. OwO is thing that shows a face expression and is yet used as a word. OwO also comes with UwU. UwU is basically the same thing as OwO but a little different. OwO is very popular in the furry community (or fandom) and while they talk they sometimes use the term. Not all furries use this term! This emoticon can be used as just a blank stare or a thing trying to be cute.
"OwO what is this?"
"OwO why am I saying this?"
"OwO I want to go home and sleep"
by Pidge P. Holt May 6, 2019
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