Giselle is a queen. She should be treated with royalty! Giselles are hard to find and if you are friends with one you should be very grateful. She knows when you’re not okay and is always there for you. Giselle’s usually have brown hair and are self conscious of their body. If you know a Giselle, give her a compliment, it will make her day!!
“You know that Giselle girl? She’s so kind, she gave me free food at canteen on Monday!”

“Giselle always knows when I’m upset, she’s a real friend.”
by Gpop135 November 12, 2018
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Where do I start she is the most important person on earth she will make your day great when it was low really low she will make you laugh she doesn’t care what people think she will never leave your for someone cooler or whatever
Giselle “who ever she likes you should be very lucky it’s very rare
by March 29, 2018
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Giselle is a very pretty girl who get angry eisily but people like that about her. People tend to pretend to hate her but secretly they are jealous because she is very pretty don’t disrespect giselle she goes thought stuff so just leave her alone. She loves reading and the beach.
Guy 1: man Giselle’s so pretty but how can I get her

Guy 2: you don’t even know her

Guy1: so she’s really pretty
by Kimmydeary May 28, 2018
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A really pretty girl that is very kind she's plays around with mean words to her friends but on the inside she's just joking she loves everyone and is very pretty usually people with the name Giselle should be treated like royalty everywhere bc the name Giselle is an ancient name very uncommon only give to beautiful loving children
The name Giselle is very beautiful and very ancient it comes form a princess
by Flora big heart January 27, 2017
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A girl name that is used for pretty girls with great personality .
Giselle is very pretty.

Giselle is very kind she gave me some of her lunch.
by XXAstarothXX September 13, 2017
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Wow, Giselle. She's that girl that you meet in your first semester of college in one of your classes. If there was any reason to go to that 10AM, she's was it. After building up the courage to talk to her, you'd come to the realization that she is amazing. She's a little pessimistic concerning love in general, but the closer you two get the more hopeful you become. She wears glasses, which is a plus, because she's beautiful with them on, and she's beautiful and blind without them. It's like dating two girls! She likes Chipotle, and will even snake you and pay for you without telling you. She also enjoys being a little mean to you if you like like her, but it's more of a front because as time progresses she says and does nice things. It will fill your heart with happiness upon seeing her smile. She likes to pinch your cheeks, but if you do it, she'll respond with, "Get out of my life." (Hopefully joking.) All in all, she is a girl that deserves more than simply having her definiton written on an online dictionary. If you really like her, but she doesn't have mutual feelings, there is no other girl that will make you feel as privileged for having your heart broken.
Edgar: Wow, that girl is really cute, what's her name?

UNIV 101 Professor: Oh, yeah, she's Giselle.
by InLikeWithGiselle January 9, 2017
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Where can I start she is kind, pretty, smart, the loving person you'll ever meet. She will never leave U hanging. She will be happy for u every single time u win and every single time u lose she will cheer u up some way. She will never turn on you. She will always stick with you even if you did something wrong. She could be the craziest person and when it's time to stop. But I still love her.
Giselle is always on a lookout for her friends. Like if your sick she will keep a close eye on you. Like she will ask you are you ok or and you feeling ok and if not will make you laugh.
by March 26, 2018
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