an opinion that is likely to cause controversy or is unpopular
hot take: cancer is just diet scorpio
by ASexyLlama June 14, 2019
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An opinion based on simplistic moralizing rather than actual thought. Not to be confused with a strong take.
That's a hot take.
by Penis Armada June 20, 2014
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A person whose only opinions are hot takes, always against the majority.
A: I think Jay-Z is one of the best artists out there.
B: Nah he mid.
A: Hot take artist.
by MalinGDeeCuay March 10, 2022
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When a male or female prostitute negotiate a sex act by offering not to use protection. A male John will climax inside of the prostitute for a higher premium. Example " I will take your hot for fifty or put on a jimmy for thirty."
I met a hot chick at the bar and took her home. I said I would use a condom, she was so drunk she just kept "taking hot" without a clue
by Titilus Maximus February 10, 2015
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