an opinion that is likely to cause controversy or is unpopular
hot take: cancer is just diet scorpio
by ASexyLlama June 14, 2019
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An opinion based on simplistic moralizing rather than actual thought. Not to be confused with a strong take.
That's a hot take.
by Penis Armada June 20, 2014
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an opinion that is likely to cause controversy or is unpopular
hot take: the defense buff was unnecessary in Warframe as i have 300k hours played and have never touched the game mode
by Not vstmncr May 2, 2023
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An opinion (GASP! Sharing your opinion online!?!?!?) that isn't popular at all and, let's face it, will get you spammed by "JohnnyBillBingus2001," who will enjoy your suffering as he punishes you for sharing your opinion.
PokeFan3: Everyone's just choosing Pokémon Scarlet because of the lack of clothes on Professor Sada.
(Next Post)Bandai Namco needs to learn how to make good Digimon games.
GraphicNovelDude1997: L bozo + Ratio! Trash! L, I say! L! You are banned from my comic book store for these hot takes!
PokeFan3: You know it's true 🚬
by EmogusalDamager November 15, 2022
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I see the top defininition as an opinion likely to cause contraversy or uproar.

That’s false. A hot take is an opinion or prediction that is far dofferent than what has always believed or knoqn, but becomes widely debated, discussed, and talked about, and that opinion or prediction after much talk becomes more divided than it was at first, but more people agreed to it than who strongly disagreed to if at first.

It is a take that people would be all against at first, but would see why they would be for it after talking about.

Really it’s a take worth talking about or thinking about, not a take with uproar or contraversy like the top definition is.
“My grandma made a hot take that all the jews should die”

Oh that’s not a hot take, that is a take that actually is not worth debating about. There is no need to discuss that, because we are all agianst it.”

“Well then give me an example of a hot take”

“In college, it is always best to do all your homework and studyinv on weekends so you don’t have to do it on week days”

“Actually, I never thought about that, you really do have a point. I’m gooing to have yo think about that
by Gdhgv November 2, 2023
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A person whose only opinions are hot takes, always against the majority.
A: I think Jay-Z is one of the best artists out there.
B: Nah he mid.
A: Hot take artist.
by MalinGDeeCuay March 10, 2022
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When a male or female prostitute negotiate a sex act by offering not to use protection. A male John will climax inside of the prostitute for a higher premium. Example " I will take your hot for fifty or put on a jimmy for thirty."
I met a hot chick at the bar and took her home. I said I would use a condom, she was so drunk she just kept "taking hot" without a clue
by Titilus Maximus February 10, 2015
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