To perform an act (ususally having sex or smoking pot) in a new location for the first time.
Hey Baby, lets christen these new sheets!
Have you christened your new apartment yet?
by alabaster mcnasty November 2, 2005
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(name): alternate spelling for 'kristen'; usually extremely beautiful. can surprise you at what she can do. very outgoing. can be emotional at times, but mostly just wants to party!
by peace&love :) February 5, 2010
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sexiest person to ever walk this planet every guy will falling head over heals for her. one day there will be a kiss or hug a christen day.!
OMG! Look its Christen lets go kiss her.!
by sexychick303 October 18, 2011
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Having sex the first time somewhere specific(ie in the backseat of a car)
by Nubsy December 14, 2009
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1.The act of having had sex in a new location
2. To having smoked out of a brand new piece
1. Did you hear about that couple christening the new Dallas stadium on the bathroom floor?

2. Last night we were christening my brand new piece, when some pot fell on the carpet and burnt it.
by spaceywonder January 19, 2010
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Christenable : Belief that something is nice
That girl is Christenable
I could really christen that icecream over there
by Chandradi June 8, 2018
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Christen is a kind hearted girl that's very smart and adventerous, and always loves a good laugh with her friends. She is a pretty and modest girl that likes to have fun! All the guys love her and want to be with her, but Christen has high standards and wouldnt go out with any guy. People are always jealous of her and envy her for her beauty. If you ever meet a 'Christen' never let go, she will make your life worth it.
Derick (Jock): "Hey girl, how about you make me happy and go on a date"
Christen (amazing smart beautiful chick): "uhh sorry no, im too good for you Derick"
*turns around but then looks over her shoulder*
Christen: "oh, and dont you dare be creepin' on my Instagram you bloody bastard"
All of Derick's friends: OHHHHHH OOOFFFFTTTT
by Jonah Ja'mie Mr G August 13, 2018
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