Christen is a kind hearted girl that's very smart and adventerous, and always loves a good laugh with her friends. She is a pretty and modest girl that likes to have fun! All the guys love her and want to be with her, but Christen has high standards and wouldnt go out with any guy. People are always jealous of her and envy her for her beauty. If you ever meet a 'Christen' never let go, she will make your life worth it.
Derick (Jock): "Hey girl, how about you make me happy and go on a date"
Christen (amazing smart beautiful chick): "uhh sorry no, im too good for you Derick"
*turns around but then looks over her shoulder*
Christen: "oh, and dont you dare be creepin' on my Instagram you bloody bastard"
All of Derick's friends: OHHHHHH OOOFFFFTTTT
by Jonah Ja'mie Mr G August 13, 2018
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To perform a sex act in a new vehicle for the first time. Thought to bring good luck to the car
Did you and your girl christen your new car yet?
by Providendacator May 7, 2018
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a heartless douche bag who enjoys cheating on girls and dumping them for little girls. VERY bad in bed. small dick. Doesn't value anything especially love. often dumps girls. Isn't very hot. thinks hes super cute but his nose is fucked up:) plays baseball and is a dumb ass player
by verypissedoff January 8, 2012
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A woman that John cherishes and loves deeply.
John: “Christen, you are my one and only
by John David Dominique Decio November 25, 2019
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A boy with dark hair, perfect personality, best humor , and makes you smike all the time,and if your with him your the luckiest girl in the world , he says he isn't the best but he is amazing if u got him love him and be you because he will love you for you and not for fake you , and loves every single thing about you , your lucky you have him if u ever get him.
"Damn look at christen he is cute"

"I know I'm so lucky I have him he is the best "
by Mookie16D January 4, 2018
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To remove identifying marks from stolen goods, to make like new again.
Little Jake christened the Beamer with a new VIN number."
by Twathenge April 10, 2006
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Someone who likes to be a ruff ruff
That Christen over there is a ruff ruff, she must like to work with children
by ruffruffchris April 19, 2010
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