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the act of being away on AIM without an away message.
person1: hey
person 2: hey
person 1: sup
-10 hours later-
person 2: sup
person1: OMFG! dont go chrissin on me!
by little kid November 21, 2004
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When 2 Chris's come together for gay man sex.
Ron: "Where's Christian and Christopher? "
Jon: "Oh they're Chrissing right now."
Ron: "hope they're using condoms, faggets"
by InYourGirl October 10, 2015
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The act of listening to other people have sex, especially without their knowledge or consent
"I heard a couple really going at it over there in that block flats, I think it's a great Chrissing spot"
by Jazzcrime July 23, 2018
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Taking slight offense to lighthearted jokes from peers and retaliating with utmost spite
A- Dude are you a homophobe?
B- Ay do you, like, look up insults online or someshit
C- He's chrissing again
by Drew_ghs November 03, 2017
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