34 definitions by slim

the anal hole . . . nough said!!
look at yours in a mirror tell me it dont look like one!
by slim June 11, 2004
A girl (or boy) that is usually only wanted for there Physical well being
Damn baby...u lookin type hott
Yo homie check out that hott girl over dere I wanna fuc
by slim December 13, 2003
The act of been 'christied'. Named after Christy McFelch, a legandary party animal from Felchard. He would drink so much and take so many drugs that he would curl up with his tongue hanging out, unable to respond to stimulus. Getting into this state became known as 'been christified'
by slim November 14, 2004
p. (phrase)

1. A perfectly acceptable social answer to almost any question.
2. Phrased used to denote extreme dissent.
Spit: Did you file your taxes for this year yet?
Slim: Man, fuck that shit.
by slim September 7, 2004
The act of screaming and yelling for no apparent reason while receiving a blumpkin.
While John received a blumpkin on the can, he decided to add to the barneykin by slapping the bitch up side her head.
by slim October 23, 2004
Noun. A term of endearment for the penis, most commonly used to refer to one's own penis.
Come on over baby, Big Rick is gettin' lonely; or (heaven forbid) My girlfriend kicked me in the Big Rick!
by slim March 31, 2005
a person that gives it up the chocolate starfish!
baby.. . . give it to me up my cackpipe hard and fast!!
by slim June 11, 2004