The act of melting chocolate, putting the melted chocolate in the anus, having anal sex, then drinking the chocolate out of the anus.
My girl let me have a chocolate ass shake last night.
by AngelDelMuerto May 04, 2015
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n. poop.
Excuse me, I have to go bake a chocolate ass cake...

Uh oh. I have some chocolate ass cakes burning in the oven.
by cj February 22, 2004
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This is a slang term for poo because chocolate is brown and it comes from your ass. Thus meaning poo
My daughter left a load of chocolate ass cream in her nappy/diaper
by icchie March 07, 2009
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A person who enjoys scraping the rim someone else's booty with their tongue. Ideally to be done after this person has taken a huge shit, to give more chocolate goodness.
"I see that dirty chocolate mess in your teeth. Damn girl your one hell of a chocolate ass licker"
by MdotSdot February 04, 2009
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the stain that appears when you havnt had a wash for a good while and sit on the bed and hey presto the chocolate ass lips appear on the sheets!
wife: whats this chocolate on the bed!
reply: it must be the kids again eating chocolate on our bed!
wife lowers her nose to the (chocolate stain) WHAT THE FUCK, THATS SHIT

reply: ohh thats just my chocolate ass lips!

(just blame the kids)
by chocolate ass lip man November 23, 2010
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(n) when you forget to wipe after the big plunge of a sinker. once this is complete you stick your finger up your asshole and pull out a brown substance aka ass chocolate. you can put it on a graham cracker and a toasted mellow and feed it to your drunken comrades! don't tell them until after they tasted your warm ass chocolate. bon apetite
jeremy: dude want some s'mores?
philo: sure dude
jeremy : its very delicious
philo: ok like take you man
jeremy: how was it?
philo: dude that was a good s'more
jeremy: it ws made of ass chocolate
philo : *dies* >.<
by Brennie January 13, 2006
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Noun. Feces, particularly the detritus from a bowel movement clinging to the anus or the more molten remnants clinging in the anal canal around the sphincter muscle; shit.
"Honey, if we could move to Hershey, Pennsylvania, we could go into business, what with all the ass chocolate your cooking produces in me."
by Tunmy AuGratin February 23, 2006
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