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In Mexico: its one of several slang terms used for a girl's pussy a.k.a. vagina.

En Mexico es una palabra conocida como la chocha de una mujer.. alias Vagina.
1. She said her pepa gets wet when she gets aroused.

2. Ella dice que se le moja la pepa cuando se excita.
by chocu November 28, 2006

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panocha ....or pussy.
1. Damn, that chocha looks good.
by chocu November 27, 2006

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An alternative form of music known as vulgar entertainment created in the U.S. by Mexicans. The music is done typically by taking songs from great Mexican aunthentic talents and re-creating them with an obnoxious mix of intruments and over the line fast paced tempos. In later times some groups have been creating new songs, yet they seem worse than re-creating songs from other artists.

The style was popular, yet it never sinked in as culture, it was seen more as a moment thing due to its lack of tasteful originality.

Also, music groups of this genre tend to fight amongst each other to have people see they were "the first" ones to create that kind of music.
Person 1: OH MY GOD, lets dance some duranguense.
Person 2: OH, you mean dance like we is batiendo el chocolate en la estufa! jojo.

by chocu April 02, 2008

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