Spanish for old lady as in girlfriend or wife. While old lady can be used in english for mother, it's usually not in spanish.
Mi vieja esta en su casa
by Morena December 27, 2005
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Old lady. Can also mean whore in slang in other parts of Mexico.
Esta vieja me costo casi nada.
by quehonda March 20, 2007
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A woman who gives up sex and /or oral sex right away.

A nympho maniac
"Damn your mom is a Vieja Pisona"

"See all thows girls sitting on that bench,The one in red is a Vieja Pisona"
by Cervical demolition March 18, 2009
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my C++ profesor that has alzheimer and other brain diaseases which makes her go crazy during class speaking nonsense that no one understands about anything but C++.
Often gets lost on her own words forgetting that she's teaching a class.
This fu!#@ vieja loca gave me a C on the test!
Hope the pharmacy doesn' t give'er her prescriptions.
by osoroco September 22, 2004
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Tu vieja en tanga is your mother in underwear. In Spanish it's a way to insult someone.
Girl 1: who's in your picture?
Girl 2: tu vieja en tanga
by xxNai_ February 9, 2018
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This is a spanish sentence. When you put it in a translator, it says "I want to eat your old lady", but it is a common phrase used in Argentina to say hello. Try to use it when u talk to an argentinian.
B:Me quiero comer a tu vieja!
A:Como estas?
by September 9, 2022
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