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Its when girls have tits that look big, but they are just chub, not real tits.
Dude 1: DAYUM That girl over there has some HUGE cans.
Dude 2: Dont trip bro, they are only chitties.
by rob July 25, 2002
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a modern term for a person who is very good at what he/she does.
that chitty is great at the drums
by - November 21, 2003
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Travis: "How was that chick you left the party with?"

Jake: "Ahh alright, she talked a lot, but i got some good chitty from her."
by dat guy deuce September 13, 2009
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To feel shitty, to be shitty, to do shitty
"How did you do on that test?"
by Professor Macky August 28, 2004
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Term describing when an obese woman's double chin becomes one with her titties.
"Yo Coop! Did you get a good look at the chitties on that chick?!"
by Chitties1 May 02, 2016
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