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What you would be if you were cheap,loser-ish and stingy.
Also used to describe anything that's in a shabby and poverty-stricken state.
(Pronounced chindhi)
1) That CHINDI prick gave me back the same birthday gift id given him last year!
2) That CHINDI college looks like a haunted urinal!
by Nidstalgic July 10, 2008
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In hindi, literally meaning a loin-cloth. Used to refer to things which are below-par or low-standard.
1) Take this chindi and start dusting

2) My college is so chindi
by starbearer September 27, 2006
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1. a chindi is a specific place on the body. it is a term used to reference to any place on the human body. 2.also a filler term used when the speaker doesnt know the actual term or wants to keep the identity of thier subjest a secret
1. This weekend i fell on dori and my hand may have touched her chindi. 2. Sara had to back her new silver chindi out of the drive in order to get to work.
by ChindiMeHard November 30, 2009
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