A chindie is a chav who tries to cover themself from that reputation by dressing or acting like an indie. This means that they will wear scarves, baggy cardigans, have messy hair and a parting starting from their ear. They will still listen to chav culture music, like X factor shit, but say they listen to the most ovious, NME bands like the Kooks and Razorlight. When joining networks like Bebo or Facebook, they will discuss bands that they think are indie bands like MGMT, and talk about how cool they are for knowing a song not in the charts. The hilarious thing is that they never know who the fuck any of them are. A chindie will always avoid a real indie in case they get found out that they don't have a clue. A female chindie will usually attract a true, fit indie boy. Their relationship will usually only last the online taliking stage-until they decide to meet up. Within the first glance- he should be able to recognise her gayness, and leave immediatley.
Chindie-"Did you watch the NME chart last night"
True Indie-"Yeah, why?"
Chindie-"Have you heard The Enemy's new song?"
True Indie-"Yeah, what about the Super Furry Animals new one?"
by Mojobummer Baby January 31, 2009
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Chindie kids are chavs that try to be indie.
They loves skinny jeans, cardigans and plimsoles. Their idea of indie music is the kooks.
They also keep their eye open for new indie trends that they may never have heard of and obsess over the few indie kids they may know.
They grow a sudden love for art and fashion, but by fashion they mean reading teenvogue and copying the outfits of Alexa Chung or floral skirts with vest tops.
They're also taking over Urban outfitters. Well they can't really afford the clothes from there, but they sit on their website all day long :)
Chindie kid : ohh i just love art/fashion
Real indie kid : Whos you're favourite artist/fashion designer
Chindie kid: van gogh and..... primark??
indie kid : -_-
by kokakolaveins August 30, 2008
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The word Chindie, is a mixture of the words Chav and Indie put together. A Chindie, is basically a chav that dresses up like an indie would. Often caught wearing chinos, vans/toms, and snapbacks, Chindie's are popular with the girls, despite being Sheep and extremely overrated in general. The Chindie trend is most popular in the UK. Some Chindie's are even found proforming the faggoty dance Jerking, and wearing skinnny jeans to match. Most Chindie's take a liking to expensive designer brands such as 'Gucci' and 'Louis Vuitton.' However, these designer brands are not but into the Chindie class, as their products can be worn by all sorts of people. Overall, most Chindie's are boastful, overrated, sheep, and all round arseholes.
Person One: "Why the hell is that guy wearing chinos and toms? He looks like a chav to me, indies wear that sort of stuff."

Person Two: "It's because he's a Chindie."
by OneManArmy96 September 3, 2011
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A Chindie is a person would be half chav half indie..swaying between the two. Can be confused with a 'Scene Kid' They may listen to rap Garage etc..yet also listen to Indie bands like the Kooks and the Klaxons. They use street words like 'sic' and 'safe', yet there not dirty chav scum. However they are either converts from the chav or Indie side.For example a Indie kid that like chavvy stuff.
Or a Chav that starts to wear skinny jeans and tennis shoes.
spikey over styled hair..(emo style yet not dyed black).
They love brands like Fred Perry, Lyle & Scott, and Adidas. They would were a combination of skinny jeans, tracksuits, polo shirts and flat caps.
Hair usually straight, big hairclips etc.
Gold jewelerry hoops, big necklaces.
Cardigans,ditzy dresses, and Nike hoodies.
usually have a fag on them.
An example of a Chindie is someone like Lily Allen or the band Hadouken. A chindie would say something like 'oi bruv the Kooks are sic'.

by ALDldn May 7, 2008
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A U.K. Phenomenon, however it is heavily inspired by American preppy clothing trends. A chindie is a chav who, upon discovering he looks 'smart' in shirts under pastel colour jumpers and khaki pants/faded jeans, wears them all the time. He then proceeds to experiment with smarter clubs than the usual chav haunts (which play soul destroying r'n'b/rap crap) and experiences middle of the road bands e.g. Kaiser Chiefs and Oasis. They 'discover' these bands, and spread them amongst their mates. Chindies spread. They piss off indie kids because they claim to like independant, fun music but really are sheep. Oasis and Kaiser chiefs are repetitive to the extreme, basically rap with guitars. Arctic Monkeys have mastered this form of music, and dress like the common chindie. They became huge because they are chindies, possibly the first band to be so after Oasis led the way. The word chindie is a mixture of chav/indie kid, although this is highly insulting to honest indie kids everywhere.
Me-Honestly, I though this club would be good for our music scene, but it's filled with fucking chindie scum and plays wank music.
by Matttty April 16, 2006
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A person who dresses and acts like a Chav but listens to Indie Music. Or a band that is originally indie but has alot of Chav listeneners.
The Kooks are becoming Chindie because of the amount of Chavs listening to them even though they are originally Indie music. "Jees, The Kooks are becoming so Chindie"
by Mkz December 21, 2006
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the label for a chav that somehow tries to convince others that they're Indie/Emo.

They can use this to impress members of the opposite sex,and also to get friends.

"Confused" may be the word...but "Chindie" just sounds so much better.
chav and indie kids have conversation.

Chav:Oh i brought the Kooks' new album the other day...Sickoo Like.

Indie Kid: *Sighs* You are so Chindie
by Beffii 0x September 30, 2007
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