Indie boy

Where’s my indie boy?
Guitar playing
V neck wearing
Indie boy

Slow smile
Artistic style
Smarter than most
Veggies he roasts
Indie boy

Don’t get me wrong
Not an eyeliner guy
Or purple hair to the sky
Just an indie boy

Awkward walk
Funny talk
The best locks
Indie boy

Show me this man
This book reading fan
A painter or a dj
So what do you say?
Would you be my indie boy?
My indie boy

By: Sophia Castano
All Characters are Indie Boys:
500 Days of Summer - Tom Hansen
Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging - Robbie
Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist - Nick
by amoursophia December 9, 2009
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A boy with curly/shabby cute hair, usually brown or black.
Amazing style fitted black or blue jeans.
Either vintage tee or an american apparel v neck , and wearing some bitchin' sunglasses . Can name at least 100 bands off the top of his head, that you haven't heard of. Of course they love indie music; as well as alternative, rock, folk,acoustic, anything that's INEPENDENT.
Most love photography,art, and MUSIC.
Indie boy always has a great personality and get along with almost everyone .
Though he usually has a cute lil' indie chick by his side (:
Indie boys are so fun to be around, and the best to take shopping with you because of there oh so amazing style .
mary- oo ! look at that cute indie boy with that cute hair and outfit.
lucy- he's so darn cute, too bad he's with that cute indie chick >:l
mary- let's go indie boy hunting !
by girl sailor October 24, 2007
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A truly delicious species. Incredibly kind and nice too. They seem to only be found at gigs for bands with no more than a million scrobbles on Even though it may seem like they look a lot like an emo (eg glasses, skinny, Converse, tight jeans(delectable :P)) they most certainly aren't! There isn't any eyeliner or dyed hair there! There is variety amongst the clothes indie boys wear too-they definitely do not look all the same.
-Some types like to wear shirts, ties, blazers and the like. I have on occasion seen a full suit donned by an indie boy. Actually, he may have been an emo because he had dyed his hair bright purple and looked like he was trying too hard.
-Some types wear skintight cardigans with a t-shirt underneath them. The buttons on the cardigan don't normally start until at least under the ribs, and the t-shirt will normally be right up to the neck. A lot of the time, one or the other is stripey, but never both. Worn with tight jeans, Vans or Converse (never a chav make of trainer basically) and often a scarf, even indoors.
-Others will be wearing a band t-shirt. A lot of band t-shirts just happen to be black, don't label them emo because of the black t-shirt. It will have some kind of band logo on it, normally either incredibly simple or incredibly detailed. Same jeans and trainers as the other types.
---These are interchangeable.

Their hair varies too, but not a skinhead/prickles/mohawk look. Neither is their hair longer than shoulder length either. It's normally either really curly (eg think of that Luke PRICKtard from the Kooks for an idea-oh and as if the Kooks are indie, they are merely clinging onto the indie culture), really messy but naturally messy-little product is needed, or in like a bob but flat to their head. Not straightened to hell like some emo boiz.

Obviously, it's not just their look that determines their "indie boy" status. The music is by far the most important thing. Talking to an indie boy will often leave you with an armful of scribbled band names to look up, and that does not take an awful long time either. With any luck he will have his mp3 player with him and you can listen to what he's talking about. It will be good. Of course it will be good. AND it's an excuse to be close to him. Then you can always slip in a couple of suggestions of your own.

Sadly, the nicest ones are always taken ie the ones without spots and the ones considered "fit" outside of the indie community. But the others, they are truly fantastic as well as obviously looks are not everything and they are a zillion times better than chavs.
Sadly where I live, the indie boy is incredibly rare due to my town being incredibly chavvy. The smaller towns around it are slightly better, but also posher.

Example of conversation ABOUT an indie boy:
Girl 1: I love that guy's hair, it's so messy! I just want to touch it!
Girl 2: Ooh, he likes Johnny Foreigner too, he's wearing their T-shirt!
Girl 1 (enters staring state): I can see his bulge through his jeans...
Girl 2 (does same): me too...
Girl 1: *sighs*
Girl 2 (notices girl with him): Damn, he's taken.

Example of talking with an indie boy (normally at gigs)
Girl: So what did you think of the support act?
Boy: They're alright. They reminded me of Elle S'appelle in a way, with the keyboards and that. (NB this will often be more technical but i am useless at that...)
Girl: Who are they?
Boy: Well, there are three of them, keys, bass and drums with no guitarist strangely, and the woman and the bloke take turns singing.
Girl: (whips out pen) Elle...S'ap...pelle *writes on arm*
Boy: Yeah I started listening to them about 3 months ago, I wish they had more stuff out though.
Girl: They sound good! I'll look them up when I get home. Do you like Johnny Foreigner? They are probably my favourite band at the moment.
Boy: No, what are they like? (i think you can see the cycle appearing here)

Indie boys will be the nicest type of boys you will ever talk to. Probably. Talking solidly for half an hour just about music is a fantastic experience. And I loved every second instead of being surrounded by my "teenie" friends all saying hellogoodbye are the best band ever and Forrest is soooooo adorkable!!!!!!! etc.
by Avid WAS fan April 2, 2008
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Boys between the age of around 17 to like, 28 who have learned to somehow appear superior to everyone else. They wear a variety of different clothes, contrary to the stereotype of skinny jeans, chucks, cardigans, and tight vintage t-shirts. The stereotypical 'indie boys' are most likely posers. True indie boys wear semi-forgotten, common and sometimes even mainstream items in an ironic way that, even though he is wearing something that everyone else wears, he brings an air of individuality. Items may include Sperry's boat shoes, baseball hat, holiday sweaters, dress shirt, leather belt, dad's tie, zip-up hoodies, Ray Bans, etc.
Unlike emos, scenes, and punks (if there are any punks out there anymore), indie boys do not pile shit up to prove to society their identity. They keep it simple and classy. Indie boys are indie boys, they don't need to prove anything; they've got an aura that says a thousand words, hence their quiet but strong presence.
bro #1: OMG is that an indie boy over there in the used book store?
bro #2: Ho. Lee. Shet. Yeah it is.
bro #1: Let's go observe and learn his ways.
bro #2: Imagine how many girls he gets a day!
by Indie boy hunter August 25, 2010
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Who is the indie boy?

Has a good looking face
A little skinny
Wears jeans and has colourful shirts
Shy around people who aren't indie
Unnatural hair colour such as yellow or pink
Always uses ":)" on Instagram posts and comments
Plays guitar or bass but can only play simple power chord songs
Loves The Smiths and The Stone Roses, but a little too much as he makes it part of his identity
Thinks Morrissey is a cunt
Lots of female friends
Lowkey insecure in himself
Loves a sesh
Strongbow Dark Fruits
Has like three bucket hats
Goes to gigs AT LEAST once a week
Claims he lowkey punk but only knows the Sex Pistols and Slaves
Part time photographer
Grew up in a lower middle class family on the outskirts of a city
Has a Lil Peep quote on his Instagram bio
Has a love hate relationship with weed as it makes him paranoid
Obsessed about going to the next Reading/Leeds Festival
Can't stop talking about Trainspotting and Pulp Fiction
Sam: You wanna go and see Bloc Party live?
Mike: Nah g, too many indie kids will be there. I can't stand indie boys.
by notgaymkay April 22, 2020
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they are boys that are not emo but ware bright colored cloths love vintage ware and are normally very stylish hot a lot of the time emo hair cuts just not done in black normally bright colors ware nice cloths don't mind what people think of them laid back normally try to play guitar
the lead singer of never say never
looks like most indie boys definitely a good example of one just u tube them
by nabs1991 January 24, 2009
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