A sexual act beloved of Germans involving ,defecating into your hand and throwing it at each other. Soft furnishings should , I would imagine , have to be kept to a minimum and a window left open!!
Helga curled one off into her hand. " Oh Willi " she called. "Lets do Chimping " . Willi turned and saw what was coming his way , ducked , and the Belgian Ambassador copped it. This caused him to drop his tray of tasty chocolates. He bent down to pick them up , put them back on the tray and after regaining his feet he got hit , in the eye , by Willis' turd . The Ambassador retaliated by throwing chocolates at people. One chocolate hit Helgas' dress. Oh you are Disgusting!! said Helga.
by Doctor Jenny Tulls June 10, 2011
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When you are at work (usually in an office) and there are persons banging on about all kinds of shite. Excessive chattering often caused by too much coffee. Sometimes its just one person talking or even singing to themselves with no thought or concideration for anyone else. Very prevalent on a Friday at around 3pm.
"Stop chimping-on... you bin-bag!!!!!!"
by ZEDWARD June 02, 2017
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Having sex. As seen on numerous National Geographic Channel documentaries.
And now yet another programme featuring Jane Goodall and some randy monkeys in Africa. Viewers please note that this show features some serious chimping.
by Wizards Sleeve June 03, 2005
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In an online discussion or debate it is the act of putting unrelated data or questions into a response to deflect from the original point.
User 1: The sky is very blue today
User 2: But have you seen how bad the economic figures are this month?
User 1: Please stick to the subject and stop chimping.
by rd_303 March 08, 2015
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The act of texting, playing games etc on a mobile phone in a way that looks similar to a chimp
Look at everyone at this party chimping on their phones.
by 2hihihi January 14, 2013
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To use counterfeit bills in a place of business; namely strip clubs where the act procures a certain animal characteristic
"Deandra said she thought I stole her money, but she crazy. She know I'm about that chimping"
by WilliamKilgore March 10, 2015
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