15 definitions by NESMonster

What you probably typed when you were trying to spell google.
I'll search for it.... www.foofle.com - Damn it!
by NESMonster February 3, 2004
A big made-up word that works well in arguments and can be given any meaning you'd like it to have.
Well you're a fastesio! There, ya see that? I can make up big words too!
by NESMonster February 3, 2004
Just like "employees must watch hands," this is a group of words that nobody reads. It's just a friendly reminder that the guy who typed what's copywritten will shake his fist at you if he finds out you take credit for his work.
Jim: You can't take that, it's got a copyright!
Doug: Just watch me. (copies and pastes jim's work!)
Jim: Noooo! *shakes fist at Doug!*
Doug: My name is Doug!
Doug: that showed him.
by NESMonster February 2, 2004
A plot where all the characters are killed off one by one until a deus ex machina arrives or they reach safety.
Every god damn horror movie has a lost patrol plot.
by NESMonster February 3, 2004
The best student-ran news organization in the U.S. Waaaay better than those blokes in Alan, Texas! JagTV is home to Sunny Suren and DOUG YOUNG WHO WROTE FOR HIM.
Man, this lemonade stand is becoming the next JagTV!
by NESMonster February 3, 2004
and have a wonderful.... time? Is that it? No-no its... "and something something all...day?" right?
Your fopah was so awkward last night I had to call a university professor just to know what word I should use.
by NESMonster April 24, 2004
What one does after taking a picture with a digital camera and looking at the result. Derived from the words they speak when chimping: "Ooo-oo-oo!"
Locals: Stupid tourists and their stupid chimping.
Tourists: Ooo-oo-oo! Look at Jane in front of car! She so pretty!
by NESMonster February 3, 2004