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A kick-ass mid-range computer invented by IBM. Long family tree going back to System/3 (and probably before). Updated through the years at hardware and software levels and today forms a very fine platform on which to build quality enterprise systems. Oh yeah, and don't forget RPG (Report Program Generator) one of the dogs of the programming language world that seems to follow AS/400 round.

IBM have now started calling them iSeries eServers or some old bollocks like that. Whatever. To droves of ageing programmers (who still think the RPG Debugging Template, flowchart stencils, Dire Straits, Jethro Tull, real ale, war gaming and cricket) are all 'cool', they represent a rock to cling to.
"I love AS/400's - they're the best goddam box to poke around in - even beats the milf's I pick up at bars after a long day spec'ing RPG programs." Hiram J. Corksacker III, Software Engineer, Portland, OR.
by Wizards Sleeve May 30, 2005
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Probably one of the best things that you can buy at Pizza Hut. This pizza is topped with spicy pork, ham, pepperoni and spicy beef.

Best enjoyed with a cool beer.
Despite just being told he had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and that triple bypass surgery was quite likely, Fat-Boy knew that only a Meat Feast could cheer him up.
by Wizards Sleeve June 02, 2005
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What you are after being tricked into visiting www.meatspin.com (a shock site featuring gay anal sex and a spinning cock.) See also meatspin, goatse, tubgirl and lemonparty.
Dude 1: "I just barfed big time!"
Dude 2: "Why so, Dawg?"
Dude 1: "Cletus just tricked me into visiting meatspin.com."
Dude 2: "Dah!! Meatspun! My man, you is meatspun!"
by Wizards Sleeve January 31, 2007
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Northern English term originating in Liverpool. A very large and noxious shit.
Scouser 1 (just vacating a toilet): "Keep out of there mate."
Scouser 2: "Why, mate?"
Scouser 3 (wafting his hand): "I've just berthed a Mersey steamer!"
by Wizards Sleeve February 14, 2007
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Porn movie pop shot make-up artistry. This is where a heavy cummer (and maybe his co-stars) deliver some thick money shots onto a porn-stars face. Looks like she’s been hit in the face with a custard pie.
Director: "Ok folks, let's wrap up this shoot ... guys stand by to give Crystal-Tipps a messy facial please .... ACTION!"
by Wizards Sleeve September 24, 2006
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Cultural capital of North London. Famous for its magnificent rail depot and Neasden Temple which is supposed to be the largest Hindu temple outside India. Also home to Neasden FC, one of the country's finest football clubs.
"A holiday in Neasden is better than a soapy tit wank off a porn star." (British Tourist Board, 2003)
by Wizards Sleeve June 08, 2005
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One of the Holy Grail sexual acts. This involves one man and three women. The lucky man will have one woman on his penis and one hand in each of the other two women. This makes him look like Neptune's tri-pronged trident.

And like everything nautical, the whole thing smells of fish and is very slippery.
Nick: "I scored big the other day, I hit on three chicks and they did Neptune's trident with me."
Dude: "Way to go my man! You IS a sex god!"
by Wizards Sleeve May 07, 2007
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