"'Child please' is a nice way of saying, 'f*** you!'"
-Chad Ochocinco (AKA Chad Johnson)
T.O.: Chad, you suck at football!
Chad: Child please!
by Child, please! November 16, 2011
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used when annoyed by another person; another way of telling someone to fuck off
"hey matt why don't you do your job right this time!" "child please!"
by childpleasejester August 26, 2009
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A way of saying F*** You without actually saying it. Originated from Chad Ochocinco on HBO's Hard Knocks.
-Chad, why didn't you run that route correctly?
-Man, Child Please!
by WhoDey148 August 19, 2009
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This is a phrase generated in the country when someone says or does something so ridiculous, you can hardly think of a nice or unoffensive response. Many think that Chad Ocho Cinco of the Cincinnati Bengals made this up, but he just brought it back. My granny has been saying it for years and I bet his granny did too.
Me- Granny can I go over to Jermaines for dinner?

Granny- Child Please you know Jermaines momma don't cook.
by Damien_Thorne October 17, 2009
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1) To blow/brush off or disregard someone’s statement
1) Paula: Jesse looks really good nowadays

Jessica: CHILD PLEASE. He still living with his momma
by Galehart Popwell December 24, 2020
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