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The fire spitting rapper best known for his sick bars. As a member of the group Iambic Pen, his talent exceeds those of any other artists to step on the stage. Listening to his verses requires wit, intelligence and a sense of humor with a focus on triple entendres.

Can also be used as a descriptor to imply greatness.
That car is so T.O

Never have I heard such amazing talent like that of T.O
by T.O's girl February 23, 2015
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those very sexy things on the end of a hot chicks foot that you wish you could be suckin on
look at those toes dude, i wish i could suck them.
by SuckinDemToes February 02, 2004
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They're attached to your feet. You walk with them, find legos with them, sweat with them, you could also suck on them if you really want to too.
Bobby: Yo Charlie, shorty got some cute ass bubble toes.

Charlie: Nigga tf? You really into that man's toes?

Bobby: Hell yeah bruh, I slobbered all over them last night. It ain't sex so I still ain't gay. That's wassup.

Charlie: You got some problems man...
by Nah_Sahn December 22, 2017
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ugly things attached to your feet that you always end up stubbing forcing you to swear like a drunken sailor.
feet nibblets,
foot jam makers,
the fingers long lost brother
by n333m August 23, 2004
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