1. n. Short for "grandmother," used informally.

2. v. To throw an object by holding it in both hands and pitching it underhand, generally while bending the knees. Used often when referring to a style of throwing a basketball for those too weak or innacurate to make it to the hoop.

3. n. Short for "Granny Smith," a type of apple.
1. Are we going to see Granny? She makes awesome potato salad.

2. If you can't make a free throw regularly, man, just granny it up there. It's just a pickup game.

3. Man, that was a good granny I just ate there.
by Talmanes March 3, 2006
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Granny is a relation. She is either your Mummy's Mummy or your Daddy's Mummy. She may sometimes be known as Gramma or Granma.
A child was sitting with her mummy in front of me on the bus.She turned round to look at me and told me she and her mummy were going to visit her mummy's mummy. She then whispered softly, in the way little girls do when they want to tell you something really important "Mummy's Mummy is my Granny."
by I.A.M. Stias March 3, 2006
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A horror game made by Dennis Vukanovic. In this game you are trapped in a women's house and you need to escape. Everything you need is in the house. Granny hears everything but is blind. Try to avoid her so you don't get hit by Granny. This will bring you to the next day. You have five days to get out of Grannys. If you do not escape you will be eaten in her basement or get your head chopped off in her back yard. This game has 4 difficulties. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. You have 3 other options you can play with which are Extra Locks, Darker, and Music. This game is very difficult and scary.
Have you ever played Granny before? Yes it was so scary.
by Person):$3643)36:73? August 14, 2018
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Scottish verb

To beat someone to nothing (sport)
ie. 5-0, 10-0 etc.
Man, we just got grannied.

Bet you can't granny them in the next match.
by kksb December 1, 2009
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A dead leg which you thrust your knee into the side of someones thigh leaving them with an extreme dead leg, on the floor in pain or hobbling around like an old granny for the rest of the day
"I grannyed him and now he cant walk" "That granny was my best yet"
by N.A.K.A January 21, 2015
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A more powerful term for the word "shotgun"
If someone were to shotgun the front seat in a car, you can out do them by calling granny!
-annoying mate who always get stuff- "shotgun the front seat!"
-You- "hahaha fuck you, granny the front seat!"
by the boys from cdd January 22, 2009
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adj. Something that is really good at being what it is; a substitution for the underlying adjective.
"That girl is granny" (hot)
"This pie is granny" (tasty)
by HelloNasty January 3, 2009
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