someone who hogs the marijuana when passing a bowl, joint, or bong
"pass that bowl ya Damn chief"
by ninja420 November 22, 2011
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To be thouroughly intoxicated (i.e. stoned) with marijuana or a related product.
"I took a full hit of the gravity bong and was totally chiefed after that."
by Kevin A. September 8, 2003
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Usually a Sam but they are smart but hate being called it
Hi chief
It’s Sam u motherfucker
by …?! April 25, 2022
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Something that is so awesome that you cannot describe it any other way than chief
Or being a social misfit (by doing something stupid) and ironically describing yourself as 'chief'.
Replaces boss or gooch.
Paul: I forgot that it was non-school uniform day and I'm wearing my uniform.
John: No way, dude you're literally getting the piss kicked out of you.
Paul: Nah, i'm just chief.

John: What's chief?
Paul: The more modern way of saying boss or gooch.
John: Oh, chief.
by TaylorS999 January 24, 2012
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In the UK this term is used as an all-purpose term to indicate something bad or negative. Can be used as a adjective or verb. The swiss army knife of the negative slur world. Can sometimes be used as an affectionism. Commonly used to describe a thief or act of theft.
1. Adjective. I hate Justin Timberlake, he's such a fuckin' chief.

2. Verb (beat up). You wanna watch yourself 'cos I'll chief you up bitch.

3. Verb/Adjective. That fuckin' chief Daniel chiefed my fuckin' beer. I'm gonna fuckin' chief him up good.
by electronboy April 29, 2005
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1) Smoking marijuana, called "Chief" because of the peace pipe.

2) To "Chief" something in a friendly manner is to take ownership of something that isn't yours, but doesn't harm anyone.

3) To own someone/something, usually related with the above definition.

4) To "Chief" something in a negative manner is to take ownership of something that isnt yours, but usually annoys someone. (UK slang)

5) To sarcastically call someone a superior.
1) Chief, *First hit*

2) Taking alot of hits when you're passing a pipe/bong/hooka hose/etc.

3) Chiefing someone in a game, or Chiefing the bowl.

4) Jaunt chiefed my telly!

5) "Hey dad can you buy me ______"
"Alright chief, why don't you go pull $____ out of your ass."
by Commander in Chief August 24, 2005
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Getting "sniped" by a USAF E-7 through E-9 for minor, temporary, or transitionary uniform infractions. Often, you will be alone, and they will come out of a dark space to correct you, or they will crawl out of a man hole. Alternate definition: the end result of too much overhead at a deployed location.
While tucking in my PT shirt, a Chief materialized out of thin air and told me my shirt needed to be tucked in. Steve (shaking his head) says, "Dude, you just got Chiefed."
by herk1202 June 14, 2011
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