A person in charge of some group or of some function, usually a male person. A Japanese word, often mistakenly thought to be of Spanish origin. In Japanese it's a term for a small-time yakuza gangster in charge of just a few underlings, but the underworld flavor has mostly been lost as the word has been adopted into English.
He quickly got promoted to be the head marketing honcho in that dot.com startup.
by Chuck Hastings June 30, 2003
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To achieve something in a quick-and-dirty manner, or with brute force, when an elegant solution was impossible.
Man, it wasn't pretty laying out the bunting for the Holi-dazzle parade, but with that deadline I just had to honcho the sucker and get 'er done.
by captn dave July 27, 2012
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your friend, buddy, pal, or homie.
Dude! Sarah is like my head honcho!
by Melissa Lyness July 11, 2008
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Honcho comes from the Japanese word ‘Hancho’ meaning squad leader. The word Honcho is used to describe the leader of group. Eg the boss. Honcho entered the English vocabulary during World War II after hearing Japanese service men calling their lieutenants Hancho.

Be Honcho is used to describe someone who shows leaderships qualities such as courage, going above and beyond or helping others succeed.
Who is the Honcho here?
by HonchoSearch June 19, 2019
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A suave boss whom moves with elegance and silence. Master of their mind and captain of their fate. Undeterred from others' opinions because they stay true to theirselves and the ones close to them. Every woman should want a honcho because they're often the "man" women are looking for.
Girl, you need to stop messing with boys and get yourself a Honcho.
by silentdawg January 16, 2017
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Another word for a hundred dollars. I heard some hookers talking and one of them said "I gotta have at least a honcho".
" I gotta have at least a (honcho).
by Papa wordlaw August 11, 2016
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