1) Smoking marijuana, called "Chief" because of the peace pipe.

2) To "Chief" something in a friendly manner is to take ownership of something that isn't yours, but doesn't harm anyone.

3) To own someone/something, usually related with the above definition.

4) To "Chief" something in a negative manner is to take ownership of something that isnt yours, but usually annoys someone. (UK slang)

5) To sarcastically call someone a superior.
1) Chief, *First hit*

2) Taking alot of hits when you're passing a pipe/bong/hooka hose/etc.

3) Chiefing someone in a game, or Chiefing the bowl.

4) Jaunt chiefed my telly!

5) "Hey dad can you buy me ______"
"Alright chief, why don't you go pull $____ out of your ass."
by Commander in Chief August 24, 2005
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when a girl is a straight dime or when a specific body part of a girl is just amazing.
"Damn, that booty is straight chief"
"Kerry is chief as fuck"
" Yo bro, that chick is so chief!"
by Nemohulk February 18, 2014
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For one to be recognised as a "chief" you must either be a cocky and brash "know-it-all" or you do things or say things at unappropriate times.
"What did you get on your maths test?"
" 67%,you?"
" 99%, haha your thick as pig shite you, didnt you revise or what?"
" Shut up you CHIEF"
by Josh Christian September 28, 2006
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(verb) to chief: to smoke marijuana, pot, refer, or bud. This is called "chief" because the indians smoked lots of tobacco and various marijuana plants and the Chief always got the first drag. This word was revibed and defined by Bobbles of NYC.
"Yo, lets 'chief' after school, i got some craving for some bud, we can rip my new bong."
by Claybo C October 11, 2005
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someone who wants to be in charge but has no idea what they are doing
It is a dirrogatory term(insult)
Person A: i can do it im not a complete idiot (trips over something)
Person B: whatever you say chief
by BlaineM/A August 13, 2003
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The act of writing on someone using a sharpie when they are drunk and passed out.
Dude I got chiefed last night
by Union Chick April 03, 2005
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A chief is an uncool person. A person who might shame you up if you went out to a party with. A chief is someone who might wear distressing attire or carry on in a nerdy or geeky manner. The chief is more than this though, sometimes related to a fool a chief can always be relied on to 'chief' it up.

Chief is often accompanied with a modifyer:

Bare chief
The living chief
Chiefton Ras
Chefferton McStanley

I've even heard it said with an affected air:

You absolute chaif!
Oi Tom you chief! Stop chiefing it up yeah?

A: "I am goblinbasher in world of wizards at gamesworkshop"
B: "You are nuff bare chief!"
by Tom McKay March 06, 2008
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