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"amazing" - basically anything that is good/great... or.. amazing...
"haha, that's amzing!"
by Ciara January 25, 2004
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You find this emotion when you look at levi ackermann,eren yaeger or any anime/fictional boy.You cant define the feeling,it is simply amzing
girll have you seen levi ackermann in the recent episode of attack on titan!
yess he is simply AMZING
by ron weasle February 28, 2021
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Something so much more than Amazing that it DOESN'T need the second 'A' - because it is already too cool without.
by innitbludipwnedyoass December 15, 2010
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John: what does amzing mean?

Jack: you idiot its amazing.

John *sighs and puts hands together* I always get it wrong.

Jack: stop putting my hands together.
by RedDragonScale October 06, 2019
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