A phrase used to express one persons endorsement of anothers general style. Is also commonly used to show happiness at a persons actions.

Extra emphasis is placed on the phrase when it is accompanied by a friendly point and wink at the recipient.

The correct response is I like your moves.
Man A: 'Can you lift that box? It's too heavy for me'

Man B: 'Certainly'

Man A: 'I like your style'
by Thomas Gorman May 15, 2005
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A phrase commonly used by members of the LGBTQ+ community to flirt and tell people their sexuality at the same time.

It’s like telling someone you listen to girl in red
Oh hey I just wanted to say, I like your style.”
by freekamuka May 10, 2021
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A way a member of the LGBTQ+ community lets another one know that they too are a part of the community.

Most often used by lesbian & bisexual women.

Started as a tiktok trend…
I just wanted to say I like your style
by Hazel12345678 April 20, 2022
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a phrase used by the gays to basically say i wanna fuck or you’re hot
hey you’re pretty hot

“yeah you too i like your style”
by imgaylmao December 23, 2020
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