Bald-head skally-wag, ain't got no hair in back
Gelled up weaved up, yo hair is messed up
Need to get bout a hustle mission
Get up on loot run to beautician
Run game until the game is gravy
That don't mean spend cheese fo tha baby
(bwok bwok) on a stalk stalk for a bootleg
(bwok bwok) pretty walk walk givin out head
Ain't a thang eat a chicken wang
Got some gold teeth, at the club tryna shake that thang
Tryna get a piece, chicken chicken always into some dumb shit
Shoulda paid ya light bill, you bought a outfit
Stay at ya mammy house and keep a smart mouth
It's Project Pat Memphis Tenn represent the South
So pass tha dro-dro and we gone stay tickin
Full of that mo'-mo' holla at a chicken
bwok bwok, chicken chicken
bwok bwok, chickenheads (boy please whateva)
bwok bwok, chicken chicken
bwok bwok, chickenheads
by Renardinho February 11, 2006
A computer gaming clan founded in South Africa and is rapidly spreading around the world. Often referred to as CHKNHD they are named as such for the tendency of members to run around in games like chickens with their heads cut off.
by Kovac October 11, 2003
Coined by rappers as a person who ain't shit and talks crap to look cool. Also can be a "wankster"
Look at that dag foo chickenhead! He gonna get stomped!"
by chris December 14, 2003
A girl who has no values and talks really loud to make it seem like she has sense. She thinks she can dance and sing and take over the world with her stupidity. People (men primarily) are blinded by her crap and consider her beautiful when all they wanna do is hit it and split. She's also the popular chick that has outrageous house parties just because she can. Her brain is tinier than the one of an ant and then wants to get loud with people when they are trying to prove her incorrect. She also thinks that she is in a way funny. When she acts like a fool, she thinks people will laugh with her and have a good time while all they are doing are laughing at her. She walks around with her "friends" and thinks everyone likes her. This is when people smile sweetly and then in a split second turns around and talks about her. She has the ability to be good at some things but she doesn't have it in her to make something of herself. Eventually a chickenhead would realize that her life needs a turn around but that's when it's almost too late. Some make it but others usually sucumb to having multiple children which she acquired from "good times" and living a very hard life. Some are lucky enough to have idiots pay for their every expense but in general, this women/girls live their sad miserable little lives like it's not a problem to herself or anyone else. She may have come from a broken home but just chose the wrong path and cannot be taught otherwise.
95% the EXPLETIVES in my old junior high!
by datunique1 April 25, 2004
like one of those girls with real big poppty eyes and they dont have to be skinny but their eyes make their faces look tiny like they are being choked like a chicken is when slaughtered.
I couldn't keep my eyes off the chickenhead looking girl.
by toy October 6, 2003
Someone who sucks ball sack and makes shitty poker calls with trash like 88 when there are two all ins and a Q on the flop and then goes to catch his set on the turn.
Im Chris Gravel and im a chickenhead.
Im Chris Gravel and I suck at poker
Im Chris Gravel and my dad and I team up to run trains on my two sisters.
Im Chris Gravel.
by Adam H. November 28, 2005
A female that likes to perform oral sex without having to be drunk. Usually they are very ghetto and have fake hair and/or nails. They also probably can do the chickenhead dance very well.
Hencha and Barbara are certified chickenhead kissing them is like kissing all the guys on the block.

Did you see that girl go by
Yeah she's a chickenhead
by Krezi January 2, 2006