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bitch-ass redneck; piece of shit hillbilly
cut a muthafuckin chickin up, right!
by Howlin-Raven October 30, 2008
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"That's chickin" is a slang phrase used to express approval for something that is neither chill nor kickin' but somewhere in between. "Chickin" lies smack in the middle of that spectrum. It's a lukewarm phrase never to be followed with an exclamation point or too much enthusiasm in the voice.
Kristina: I have to work overtime tonight.
Me: That's chickin'.

Me: I just bought a new pack of Mr. Sniff smelly markers.
Kristina: That's chickin'.
by BizLarry January 23, 2008
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A noun's general chickeness.

That is, the degree to which a person, animal, object or place's is chicken-like.
Chickinity can be in both the literal or metaphorical sense
Ie. I went to the petting zoo the other day. The chickinity was through the roof.

Scooby Doo has an extremely high chickinity rating.

The chickinity of these value chicken burgers leave somewhat to be desired.
by Smootmonster December 4, 2010
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a girl who will suck any one off that pays any kind of atintion to her
hey you want me to call that chickin head tasha for ya bro
by Cole September 15, 2003
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Term for drinking that famous grouse. Pretty selfexplainatory when you think about it.
- I don't drink a lot but I sometime break out the bottle of whiskey.

- Aha, kickin chickin!
by Jakob Aurelius September 27, 2006
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a shorter way to say checkin out chicks, or lookin at a girls body.
dude, last night at the skating rink me and alex were Chickin' Out, there are so many hot girls there on fridays!
by george savvides September 26, 2007
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Me.I am a burnt chickin nugget
Becky: omg kate is such a burnt chickin nugget
Kate: NANI?!?!?!?!?!
Becky: shoot she heard us!
by Yoonmin4eva October 19, 2018
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