A mound of unusual looking potatoes that are never salted enough that we love to chew on and tell Chik-Ployees to give us for free around the texarkana area, sometimes demanded with a chicken sandwich.
Give me a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries... for FREE! NOW!!! Stop looking at the floor and get me my sammich!!!
by DJ Static November 6, 2007
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when some is homophobic and likes chickfila
random ass bitch : chick-fil-a 's fries smack
me: but they're homophobic
random ass bitch: ok and...
me: ok well enjoy ur homophobic waffle fries ig
by thatonegaymflmao February 12, 2021
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when something is extremely interesting and or surprising, instead of saying "wow" you say "wow waffle fries"
wow waffle fries that's a cool looking donkey
by tabbypears October 31, 2022
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