A restaurant where the staff at Westview Elementary like.
Chick-fil-A is the best.
by SPrice1980 April 22, 2022
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restaurant operated in classical American tradition
It is perverse to live in America and hate American tradition or western civilization. Despising chick-fil-a is as unamerican as progressivism, communism, socialism, or fascism.
by WestThreeSixty July 26, 2012
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The BEST fast food place ever their food is addictive like the frozen lemonade and chicken sandwiches if you see one on the highway pull over it’s worth it
Random dude:Let’s go to chick-fil-a
Other bro:You mean heaven
by M3RM41D February 22, 2018
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Fast Food Joint

Chick-fil-a is a chicken joint that has the best chicken nuggets and fries
Person 1: What is some good food that you suggest we eat?
Person 2: Chick-fil-a is a really good place to go.
by DerpyPotatoe April 5, 2018
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literally, the greatest restaurant ever created
insanely mind-bogglingly fast service
the best chicken I've ever tasted
a sense when you walk in that you are in the most beautiful place on Earth
Do you wanna get some Chick Fil A?
by Chick Fil A Fan February 24, 2018
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