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An expression of surprise, and/or of joy.
Wahey, I won a million bucks.

Wahey, the brakes don't work.
by Jollster/Cazmataz December 21, 2004
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verb: (doing word)
huhuh doing
celebratory exulation
usually associated with the arrival of
ciggarettes and/or alcoholic beverages to the hill..

often heard at lunch and during classes at st.joesephs and sacred heart school drogheda
teacher : ms thing isnt in
claire: WAHEY!

guy:i got the beer!
everyone: WAHEY!
by yourone March 26, 2009
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1. Another Innuendo for Sexual Intercourse.

2. If someone behaves in a sexual manner.
1. Jensen: Oh, She was definitely up for a bit of Wahey.

2. That Khan girl, yeah, she bent over like WAHEY!
by Katteh25 May 01, 2009
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A phrase overused by the punch rock group, "Green Day". It's used in their song "Know your enemy". It is a nonsensical utterance used to fill in the last two notes of the chords of their chorus.
Do you know the enemy?
Do you know your enemy?
Well, gotta know the enemy, wahey!
by teabowl1 June 07, 2009
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When somebody has been waheyed. This occurs when they correct somebody who has been fishing, with an answer to a silly question. see example
"your shoes are brown"
"no they are black"
by The WaheyMaster February 06, 2007
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Common phrase for-- This is not a common phrase. "Wahey" is-- is... pointless. Not even people who have fits of joy who say "Wahey!". In fact, there is only one person who says "Wahey!" but his name shall not be revealed, or he will have to kill you.
Person A: Hey, check it out! I found 400 dollars on the ground!
Wahey Wielder: Wahey!!
Person A: Uh-- ok?
W.W.: Wahey!! Moop! Fiibit! Fibit!
Person A: Goop!
by Goopster November 04, 2004
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