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A person who does not wash his penis often, and so provides a breeding ground for smegma loving bacteria, hence the cheese.
Can also be used to describe:
Estate Agents
Recruitment Consultants
Most politicians.
Terry has become an I.T. employment agent, what a cheesedick!
by Dr Juice January 31, 2004
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a spanish word meaning the flipflop
used by latin moms to beat their child's ass
by allygator February 07, 2015
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A military term used by rank and file troops. Started in use during the Vietnam era and continued till the mid-late 90's.
The term describes a person who at all cost to his fellow troops attempts to climb the rank ladder. A kiss ass' kiss ass. A brown nose that will sellout his brothers and throw anyone under the bus.
Teddy, Big sexy and Guilermo are all cheese dicks.
Teddy snitched to guilermo about my space profile! That rat faced cheese dick mother fucker!
Big sexy snitched on (insert name here)so he could make Spc E-4.....what a cheese dick.
by The Prospect April 30, 2008
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A guy who is not only cheesey with the ladies, but is also an arrogant dick head. He almost definitely wears gel in his hair at all times and/or dresses in nice expensive clothes.
Dude, Rick is such a fucking cheese dick."
by Bob Williams May 29, 2003
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Cheesedicks refers to people whose motto could be described as "Take everything that you can." These are people that are focused on their needs alone and disregard the feelings and needs of others.

The "cheese" in cheesedicks refers to the cheesy sebaceous matter found between the glans penis and the foreskin in males and the clitoral hood and clitoris in females.

Can be used interchangeably with douches, asshats and dicks.
Those guys at Comcast are some serious cheesedicks.

Why are those cheesedicks blocking bit torrents?

I wish I didn't have to do business with those cheesedicks.
by John Dohhh February 25, 2008
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Smegma . . . a thick cheesy material that collects under the foreskin and on the head of the dick. Indicates a bath is urgently needed! ! !
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
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An imbecilic individual, usually a male person, who generally does not lack in mental prowess but is sorely lacking in charisma and the social skill necessary to apply his intellect in a useful, practical or agreeable manner. His lack of a sense of timing and appropriate behavior is only exceeded by the fact that he is oblivious to his condition, causing him to often assert and insert himself where he has no business. To make matters worse, he firmly believes that he is one of the coolest people on the planet. This makes him one of the most annoying creatures on earth and thus has earns him the title, CHEESE-DICK!
Wankleferd was sounding off in the meeting again today and jamming his nose up the bosses ass...what a cheesedick!
by Mr. Carl Cunnilanguage September 29, 2004
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