A person who does not wash his penis often, and so provides a breeding ground for smegma loving bacteria, hence the cheese.
Can also be used to describe:
Estate Agents
Recruitment Consultants
Most politicians.
Terry has become an I.T. employment agent, what a cheesedick!
by Dr Juice February 1, 2004
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A guy with no game who makes girls feel uncomfortable, commonly found in clubs, bars, and frat parties. Usually tries to emulate Sopronos characters, but fails miserably.
Wow that guy with to much gel in his hair looks like a real cheesedick.
by Martin Donovan December 8, 2006
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A generic term used for, among other things, a bullshitter, or to someone too eager to please.
Look at Wilson with the boss. What a cheesedick.
by tradesman April 1, 2003
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-more vital way of describing an asshole
-when someone gets away with being an asshole and somehow ends up "innocent"
Best friend is dating your loved one while you're at work. When you're around, they acts like a family friend.

That guy is a fucking cheesedick
by nicole April 18, 2004
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An imbecilic individual, usually a male person, who generally does not lack in mental prowess but is sorely lacking in charisma and the social skill necessary to apply his intellect in a useful, practical or agreeable manner.
Justin Gilmartin is a huge cheesedick
by JGisaCheeseDICK October 20, 2011
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The cheesedick is similar to the dick, but uses techniques that are clearly cheesy to annoy the crap out of those around him, often in a backwards attempt to look cool.
"Oh, yeah! Your mad Ryu skillz can't stand up to my hundred-hand slap!"
"Man, stop being a cheesedick."
by Twilight Veil April 16, 2004
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What a cheesedick. He'll never get laid or have any real friends.
by Joe December 11, 2003
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