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if a movie is high on 'the cheese factor' it means the movie is very corny/cheesy/sappy/etc.
the television show 'Barney' is very high on the cheese factor
by Clarrissa Langley May 09, 2004
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A scaled measurement (1-10) judging how far one’s undies have crept up one’s crack (a potentially debilitating condition which can result from any activity that involves bending, crouching or squatting, and is usually coupled with the exposure of butt cleavage). Scores on this scale must not be issued or proclaimed by novices or cheese factor enthusiasts due to the extraordinary variations in the kinds and sizes of undergarments, necessitating weighted metrics for accurate judgments. For example, traditional Mormon unmentionables are so baggy they rarely bunch, so scores higher than 4 are only possible if said handy Mormons are morbidly obese. Conversely, butt-flossies (thongs) garner at least an 8 rating without one even budging off the couch. A Cheese Factor of 10 (otherwise known as Imminent Endangerment) represents a frightening creepage scenario which might best be replicated by sitting on a vertical pencil and taking a direct hit, if you know what we mean. The momentarily intractable situation of a Cheese Factor 10 may require hospitalization or, at the very least, the full tugging might of your spouse, significant other, or a hastily constructed series of pulleys, weights and some type of wardrobe hook. Eww. This scale is employed when describing the potential outcome of an upcoming task. Term introduced on the Handyman for the Common Man web TV show.
“Replacing this u-bend will probably result in a Cheese Factor of 7, so brace yourself”.
by The Handy Writer May 09, 2009
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a really gay something... concept, show, whatever. it is the level of cheeseyness therein.
The cheese factor of the Power Rangers is high, so dont watch that shit, B.
by linds May 09, 2004
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The ammount of meaningful information that comes out of a guys mouth compared to the ammount of stupid-ass shit that comes out of it.
girl 1: "Kyle's cheese factor has gone up recently"
girl 2: "yeah. Yesterday he made a joke about my breasts and tole me to "chill""
by <3s cheese May 09, 2004
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Describing or comparing how much money one has.
My cheese factor will help me make my decision if im going out tonight or not.
by Joseph May 08, 2004
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It's the most important factor in all trig equations.
You first change tangent to cos and multiply that by the sin of 2.45 Most importantly, you divide that by the cheese factor, and you get the answer for how worthless all this math really is.
by South Paw May 08, 2004
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