The space between the cheeks of your butt,when the cheeks are squeezed together. Particularily sexy when a female is wearing ultra low rise jeans, and exposes just a little of it!
Wow, did you see the butt cleavage on her dude!
by Jeff Gawrys October 29, 2003
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1. to make the butt cheeks purse together 2. to situate onesefl so that surplus butt pops over the top of one's pants
When a girl with a big butt sits on a barstool with her thong all "accidentally" hanging out.
by Amber January 18, 2004
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When you can see the top of a male swimmer's butt crack because his speedo is too small or too tight. Can be sexy on hot college swimmers.
-Joe needs a bigger suit, he has major butt cleavage.

Girl: Ooh, check out that swimmer!
Girl 2: Wow yeah, he has hotttt butt cleavage!
by SwimmChick247 December 05, 2010
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That space between your butt and your thigh that is not a butt nor your thigh.
(Right under underwear line)
Omg! He totally touched my butt cleavage
by TheSceneKids October 17, 2015
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A dress that is cut so far down the back that it form cleaves where a woman's butt starts and makes it look like tit cleavage.
by Deep blue 2012 November 14, 2009
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