A new form of "Yo momma" style of insulting someone but only insulting them.There are many personal styles of this form such as starting off the sentence with "shut yo" or ended in "look`n on". Originated in Memphis,Tennessee.
by Hugh December 03, 2004
A check is the area of the body where the skin is flabby and fat and the chin morphs into the neck.
Look at he check on that dude... You don't know where his chin stops and his neck starts.
by Missspelled February 09, 2010
oh shit kid... im fresh outta boags you tryna let me get checks on that newy or what mah dood?
by houff December 12, 2007
The act of inbounding the ball/putting the ball in play in a game of basketball.
by Jefe July 17, 2003
To not rasie any money during a betting period in a card game, like poker
by kamius July 27, 2003
To knock someone out
I'm going to check you if you don't shut up.
by Greg April 16, 2003
Also known as a rebate, this is a confusing way to get someone to buy an item that is clearly selling for lower than it should be.
What does this mean... checks? Sir, it's a mail-in rebate.
by Rob R. December 01, 2006