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An intense action similar to the titty twister involving grabbage of a handful of skin around the nipple and proceeding to twist. One of the more painful experiences one can have. (often involves the element of surprise or the victim being held down)
Larry: Hey, what's a purple squeeze?
Moe: Sounds like someone's asking for it
*Curly grabs Larry's arms from behind and larry is left struggling for help as his man-breasts are grabbed and tortured*
by AndThenSome November 18, 2007
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(n); a remark made to call someone on a particularly homosexual-sounding phrase (as if checking off a requirement to a gay confirmation list)
1. Joe: Woah, the colors in that painting display so much emotion!
Jeff: Check!

2. Joe: I don't know if I can make it, I've got an orchestra concert coming up..
Jeff: You just earned yourself a check.
by AndThenSome November 18, 2007
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