you say it to someone when you know their lying out of their teeth, like putting all attention on someone & saying look at you chatting bollocks
1ST GUY -- "i slept with a girl last night mate & i went 15 hours straight without firing once "

2ND GUY ---- " check you "
by I C E August 25, 2005
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Similar to "I'll see you". Basically meaning being in touch with someone soon.
John: Alright man have a good night

Bart: Yeah bro I'll check you
by Troyiskewl September 10, 2018
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A recommendation to check your email.

The typographical error, "YOU" instead of "YOUR," comes from a well-known email that Bill Urquhart, a name partner of the law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, sent to the employees of his firm. The subject line of his email read: "CHECK YOU EMAILS OFTEN."
We're going to be busy this weekend preparing for trial, so be sure to CHECK YOU EMAIL.
by jeneverest123 June 8, 2010
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Equivalent of 'see you later' or 'smell you later'
Me: i needa get home, i'll check you later aight.
by hommusthot January 28, 2016
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something you say when somebody has done something neat or funny
taylor: girl, i got high with my man yesterday!
sue: check you out now!
by MaryJaneInThisBitttttt January 22, 2013
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