The act of optically examining someone you find attractive.
Daryl.. We been together for 3 years and still I catch you like every other day checking someone out.
by Rammathorn January 19, 2018
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This phenomenon describes how some people react to undesirable and uninspiring work situations. This phenomenon is mainly applicable to people working boring, mindless jobs, most of whom perform rote work -- e.g., data entry -- or are paid simply simply for their presence -- e.g., a booth attendant. Activities that constitute 'shutting down' and checking out' include: napping, reading, sending excessive/unnecessary text messages, and listening to one's iPod.
Elliott: I'm surprised Tom hasn't gotten more sleep today -- doesn't he have to work the graveyard shift tonight?
Mark: Yeah, but remember, he's a booth attendant in the middle of the night...he's just going to Show up, Shut down, Clock in and Check out.
by paradigms October 23, 2009
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meaning: it will never happen, won't be attending, like maybe later
Why don't you come with us later to the bar?

answer: I'll check it out
by Contender March 25, 2011
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To get your money payed to you in a BIG CHECK
Hey I wanna buy your car...well check me out then.
by December 7, 2019
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