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without a doubt the greatest rap group in history. a true tragedy. graveyard shift were friends and family of bone thugs n harmony (the second greatest). the group was signed to ruthless, but lil boo (krayzie's cousin) was the first to die. mentioned in crossroads. the remaining members, tombstone, gates, and sin. tombstone was killed later. "still waters" was supposed to be there first cd. however bone thugs (krayzie, layzie, and wish) being the complete fuck-ups that they are, never made it happen. instead they took their lyrics and made an internet only cd.

their music had a really gothic sound to it. sins voice is really scary, and they use metaphors alot, and really creepy beats.

gates quit rapping after tombstone died, and sin left mo thugs, and signed with another ex-mo thug artist, but still hasnt released anything.

in my opinion, bone thugs, are sellouts. they've gone commercial, and the realest members bizzy and flesh arent with them now. layzie is a bitch, and krayzie and wish are his little yes men. and they've managed to fuck up every good thing thats com their way. and now to their true fans, their career is over.
wow, the graveyard shift completely outshined krayzie, on "silence", his own song.
by the sawed off gangsta October 30, 2006
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