In the simplest terms....
by lesser of 2 eviles June 16, 2023
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Those small separator beams at the check-out.
"come on! You forgot the separator!"

"Can you grab the check-out separators?"
by Thor Prit gut December 1, 2016
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Those people who have the uncanny ability to select the only items in the store with no price tags or scan bars necessitating a price check on every item they've purchased thus clogging up the check out lane.
That check out dork was getting some pretty dirty looks from the people behind him in the check out line.
by wolfbait51 May 28, 2011
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To take anyone's mind off a bad situation with a cars bad fuel economy
She's left me after 15 years

Don't worry, check out mandems MPG.

Fuuuuuck, I thought my problems were bad.
by Mandem M October 3, 2023
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My name is Marie, i go by mari.
i'm 70% aesthetic and 20% funny.
my goal is to be popular!
i am a simp here, and if you don't care about me there, kindly don't raise your speech at me.
I'm new! check this out.
by IAmNotAnIdiot May 26, 2021
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