Investigate; examine closely with the intention of reporting back the information gathered. Also "to check something out" Much like "scope it out."
I'll stay here. Why don't you go and check it out.
by Ex-Lexi November 3, 2015
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Check it out dude, here's what we'll do:
by PoopyPoo December 16, 2004
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The occurence of a two check-out laugh is when two men are checking-out the same girl and catch each other.
Guy1 oooh look at those lumps
Guy2 mmmh I'd tap that
Guy1 Is that guy checking out the same girl
Guy2 Hey wait a minute is he?
Two Check-Out Laugh
by Abidjan August 4, 2008
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When someone credit card swipes or scratches their ass and then smells it.
The girl on the subway platfrom this morning chose the self check-out. She scatched her ass, then sniffed it. we made eye contact and she the she dove into her shame hole.
by slobby1 October 26, 2011
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Aussie saying which means come around to my place so we can have a few froffies on the back verandah
Oi robbo ya cunt, have seen you in a while old mate if your not doing anything this weekend come check out my deck,

No worries jonesy I'll bring the froffs
by PostmanTazz February 22, 2017
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