A chat whore is someone who carries on two or more IM conversations simultaneously. Each IM friend seldom knows about the other chat that's going on and thinks they are the only one. There are telltale signs, however, that you are IM'ing with a chat whore, such as long pauses in between responses. The dead giveaway is when they accidentally paste a comment intended for someone else into your chat window - especially if the chat whore is talking about you or carrying on a parallel hot-chat.
You'd like to do WHAT to my ass? Wrong IM window, chat whore.
by Tom Terranova August 15, 2007
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any bitch that will almost phone fuck, ass fuck, real time
fuck any loser on the web.
if a married guy does it..they are considered marshalled which is really a insult to any classy babe. But then again, you dont find much class in chat rooms.
hey babe...my name is lawrence.
hey..my name is (fill it in) but I fuck on the first date
or will phone fuck you now. I dont care if your married or ugly or a drunk. lets fucking party. I'm nothing but a cheap ass chat whore. will fuck for a smile
by been there, done that November 28, 2005
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Someone who can always be found online in chats or instant messages with friends. Usually someone who spends more than 3 hours daily chatting or texting.
Queen Jean is a real chat whore! I remember chatting with her on ICQ about her 21st bday party and now she's gonna be 31 and is everywhere!
by Queen Jean August 10, 2005
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a person who you don't know or barely know that chats you all the time on a social-networking site. they chat you at least 3 times a day as soon as you sign in because they have no lives whatsoever.
*Jake and Sara are now friends*
*Chat Conversation*
Jake: hey sara! :DD
Sara: uhh, hey?
Jake: whats up home-biscuit??
Sara: umm, how do u know me?
Jake: memba, you were @ Brad's party!
Sara: but we didn't hang out
Jake: yea but whateva
Sara: and we only have 2 friends in common
Jake: so???
Sara: fuck off u creeping chat whore!!!!
*Jake and Sara are no longer friends*
by this just happened. FML May 29, 2011
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someone who cybersexes all day long, with anyone
she's on yahoo 24/7, she's such a chat whore.
by chenger November 08, 2003
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Someone who sends an obscene amount of snapchats (could be hourly/daily) or uploads constant my stories with points ranging into the thousands. I mean really do these people not have jobs or lives.
Have you seen how many points she/he has?

She/he must be a snap chat whore.
by HBRHA October 28, 2014
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a chick who goes on facebook and flirts with a whole group of guys with out any of them really knowing.
Dude 1: "bro, i was talking to _____ last night on FB"
Dude 2: "really me too?"
Dude 3: "i was too."
Dude 4: "guys WTF?!"
Dude 5: "lol, she's a FB Chat Whore"
by jadissx alter-account November 29, 2010
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