Low-tier wannabe fuckboys, characterised by ripped jeans, neon flip-flops, coloured hair, and speeding motorcycles (occasionally paired with a wheelie). Mostly found within the Bandra-Kurla-Andheri triad.
(pulsar 220 races past in a zig-zag motion)
Me: those goddamn chapris are at it again
Chapri: bas kyaa bantai
by carvertr April 1, 2018
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A person with no sense of responsibility. Thinks getting trendy haircuts and clothes makes him/her special and attractive. Often wastes his/her time on social media like TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat.

They are often cringy and have a boring/basic personality. They can be aggressive too (these are dangerous types).
They live their lives to appear cool and have no actual goals in life other than getting a boyfriend/girlfriend so they can feel accomplished in life.
If its a boy, they like to take selfies with bike/a girl/with their "bros"
Girls like to take selfies of themselves to get attention and look happy, that's it nothing interesting cuz they are basic and boring. Their primary goal is to show off to their friends and make "hater" friends jealous of their "happy" and "glamorous" life.
Some chapri have an unhealthy obsession with taking photos with expensive stuff they don't own. And would definitely show off iPhone in all possible way if they have one.

(Chapri is mainly used for boys but can be used on girls as well.)
A: "nitish kya kar rha hai?"
B: "chapri hai sala kahi gand mara rha hoga"

A: "gandu chapri phir se iphone ka selfie dala hai"
B: "ignore mar"
by dekkeroid April 20, 2022
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An adjective (can be used as a noun in the plural form to refer to cliques or coteries of those characterized as being chapri, or simply the entire classification of the latter) used to refer to late-teenager and early-young adult Indian men, belonging to an economically cheap or low state; fueled and accentuated by the elite and as their extension, the elitists, and an existential economic gap between the rich and the poor. Per se, they're wannabes who're trynna act wealthy and affluent, but fail miserably. They can be further characterized as being wannabe ladies' men; trynna pick up women, supposedly with their traits and characteristics, id est quirky, appallingly styled and putridly pungent colored hair vis-à-vis neon colors anent the ones to suck your eyes out, tight AF clothes with a distasteful fashion sense (exempli gratia, sweatpantesque trousers that're so ill-sized that they barely manage to come anywhere near the ballpark of ankles, ripped shirts, et cetera further, FYI their clothes are rip-offs, all of them, no cap), tendency to hang out in flocks of their fellow chapri men, and a liking towards weird and cringy motorbikes. Additionally, their leitmotif is flexing their fake attire, tech et cetera as a means of trynna look cool or imply social coolness or regard; making TikToks and IG Reels apropos of the aforementioned, id est, in turn, a means to channel the latter.

Usually found in slums and socio-economically poor-population areas of cities in India.
Person 0: "Hey, look at those wannabe fuckboys; they're absolutely cheap."
Person 1: "Indeed, they're chapris."
by cherrybooze February 16, 2022
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Lame guys who think they’re such an alpha male and high status when they’re actually nothing but a laughing meme
Guy 1 : sees a bunch of try hards and wannabe gangsters
Guy 1: look at those chapris
by TheThursdayVO March 19, 2021
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People who tries hard to fit in the "Cool group" by buying clone product of famous brands Eg:- phone, shoes, accessories etc. and flexing it for life and generally found overtaking girls on road with plastic bikes and posting sad stories for attention.
Him:- dekh 8th hand phone liya ab market pagal ho jayega
Me:- bhag sale chapri
by Main hun Gian October 27, 2021
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Young and aspiring people who love the way they live.
They usually are main suspect of rapes and find every girl vary bootifool and tell every guy about his friend's friend who had once met a MLA when he was three years old.
Always want to have beef (not that ,i support bjp) with another chapri and when gets depressed removes whatsaap dp and starts posting ramdeva baba's nudes on his whatsaap status
Random informative tiktok :*exsist*
ROASTERS IN INDIAN YOUTUBE: Chapri sala, beti gang ka member.
by I can shave your armpits October 27, 2020
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It commonly used to refer to negroes and they can be easily found as any nigga with a shitty ass younger gf who fantasies on him is a chapri.
Person 1- hey, may I know your name
Chapri ki gf- he is my bf ,somm
Chapri-*very oddly* love you babe
PPL in background - pakka chapri hoga
by Just why bitch April 13, 2022
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