he is pagal in her love
by pagalii August 11, 2003
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stupid idiotical crazy and more stuff that means stupid
you are pagal
by ding dong dingaling April 22, 2019
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You are Pagal.

Pagal in this example is used as a slang e.g. Bizarre or fantastic ; "had a crazy dream"; "wore a crazy hat"
by Mithhi December 15, 2010
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A Hindi/Urdu word used for the person you're crushing on or for yourself when you're falling in love.
Girl: 'I'm having butterflies.'
Boy: pagal!

I'm becoming pagal in her love. Dil tou pagal hai!
by MoscowMan August 5, 2018
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Indian word for Retarded or Mad
'Are you pagal?'

'You are pagal'
by Paki immy August 30, 2017
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Man, what you're doing is criminally pagal.
by El_Scorcho August 28, 2003
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A person whose intrested in cheap sexual favours
Woh aadmi ek chut pagal hai
by slYweaSel January 16, 2014
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