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these people stay young at heart. they always are looking for a good time. may tend to do alot of drugs but still has his shit together. many people admire him in a friendly way and one lucky lady will have the privilege of being his. this guy is definitely a keeper and you are foolish if you ever let one go. he is a master at anything that he does in life. he is loyal til the end but piss him off and its like getting struck by lightning. this guy will pick your ass up at 3:30a.m. when you pass out on the side of the road from being too messed up. he is an honest family man and has just an overall good soul.
that kidwell over there is good enough to marry my daughter.
by mr.bonaire October 05, 2013
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Whenever someone spills their beverage on the floor they refer to it as a Kidwell.
Oh look Sammy pulled a Kidwell and spilled his chocolate milk all over the carpet.
by pure awesomeness times 3 August 01, 2009
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The act of being blatantly obvious in not doing your job or lack thereof. To disappear for long periods of time, without letting anyone known where you are. To show up to a location (job) when you feel it is necessary and to leave in such a manner. To complain to other people about your job when you don’t do any work. To make unnecessary amounts of personal calls away from your desk, generally taken where you boss cannot see you, IE outside by the smoking area. To be equally hated by the majority of the people that you work with. The definition of feckless, douche, and douchebag.
Tom is such a kidwell i hope he dies in a fire.
by Big one star April 20, 2011
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