Ms. Attitude to the max. She takes more selfies then anyone on this planet. Usually very self absorbed. Someone who tends to be somewhat of an actress. Beware. But very athletic.
She's like so cenie. Such a bitch.
by breakerbreaker November 27, 2014
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Car penis
So... you know the movie Cars, right? And you know how there's baby cars? Yeah, they have baby cars in the movie Cars. Like a small car that grows bigger. Now when a- when a boy car loves a girl car, they make a baby car. To do that ...... they need a- they need a CUSSY. You need a- ...the cussy is where the car comes from. C- it's a c- it's a car pussy. It's a car pussy. Therefore a cenis is simply a car penis. like the c for Car and enis from pENIS make cenis
Person 1: You already know sally's cussy was probably grippin'
Person 2: Bro but like lightning mcqueen probably had MAD cenis is he was pullin that typa bumber!
by bouis November 29, 2021
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A nick name to call someone when you get butterflies because of them.
“Ceni... um hey.”
I want to be partners with Ceni, maybe...”
by KDDefinitions May 21, 2021
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A cult of individuals shrouded in mystery. It's clannish and secretive nature of joining is strange to outsiders of the world of New Eden.

by JOINCENI February 3, 2021
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