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When someone says they have an itchy nose, it could be from allergies.

BUT if you mentioned a certain topic or person and they suddenly have an itchy nose, they only scratched it so their hand would cover their facial expression.

For example, if somebody blushes and they don’t want you to know, will they cover their face (which is clearly a way of saying “I don’t want you to see me), or will they suddenly have an “itchy nose” and be “forced” to cover their face? Think about it.
“I saw the way you look at each other, you are soulmates!!”
“.... ugh I have an itchy nose 🤭”
by KDDefinitions August 02, 2021
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A nick name to call someone when you get butterflies because of them.
“Ceni... um hey.”
I want to be partners with Ceni, maybe...”
by KDDefinitions May 21, 2021
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A fun, stubborn girl you probably didn’t know was cool. She likes being with her friends, but not large groups of people. She dislikes sadness and when people are unconscious of others. She can act like a mother, but she likes to be feisty. If you find a Cenia, your life will change a lot, good or bad is for you to decide.

Also a plural for Ceni
“Cenia I’m fine.”
Sorry, Cenia dared me.”
by KDDefinitions May 14, 2021
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