15 definitions by Holmes

A rather enormous, gigantic and beastly holmes (aka penis) that is usually oiled and shiny. It is also extremely disproportionate to the owner's body, hangs to the knee or lower and veers off at an angle.
I be useing the ol' cocklione like a pogo stick.
by Holmes September 15, 2003
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A series of gay pornography starring Rusty Nail and his 3 sons, his wife tapes them! His films so far consist of "The Rusty Nail," Jackson's Lesson, Web learns to play football, Web gets the ball hiked, Travis' Report Card. This is marketed by the Pierce Bros.
The new Rusty Nail video will come out this weekend. So, there I was, walking down the street barefooted, and I stepped on a big RUSTY NAIL!
by Holmes December 05, 2002
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Acing a pimp, g dog mofo ghetto fool.
holmes is pimp action
by Holmes December 10, 2002
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