A widely known person.
He was a cricket celeb
by asshu May 13, 2012
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Lonely momentous occasion warranting an orgasm, but lacking a secondary participant.
"I got the new job. Too bad I don't know anyone in this town so I opened a bottle of wine, turned on some porn, and had my own celebation".
by PantsofCorn May 10, 2011
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To not have sex, to be without sexing up. Can be either for relgious reasons, personal, or because no one wants to have sex with you.
Person 1: I can't believe Tom has been celebate for so long!
Person 2: I heard he became a monk!
Person 1: That's not what I heard...
Person 2: You heard that his girlfriend wanted to build their 'relationship'?
Person 1: Nope..
Person 2: No one wanted to fcuk him?
Person 1: Yep!
by DiaryofaRedHead June 28, 2005
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used to describe a state of NO SEX! or so says 16 year old boys who do no realise that the correct word is, in fact, celebate
I bet you i can stay celebant for 4 months! actually make that 3
by melodious-joy September 16, 2006
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The act of a celeberity masturbating
"was that a video of Celebating?"
by BobitaLovesBob April 18, 2015
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Someone who you never heard of 5 years ago and who nobody younger will have heard of 5 years from now.
"I am so old, I can remember when Robin Hood was a celeb."

"When I grow up, I want to stop being a celeb."
by Patrick_not_a_username June 14, 2006
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When Fred got a date with Sharon he went home and celebated.
by glaze83 November 7, 2010
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